Thanks for checking out Last Week on Social, the blog series dedicated to providing a simple way to stay on top of the latest news and announcements from each of the major social media networks.

Every week, we round-up the latest updates from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and others that may impact the way you use social media networks for your business.

For the period of December 5 – 11, here’s a breakdown of news from last week on social:


Estimated Reach and Streaming Reactions Metrics Update

Facebook is delivering on its recent promise to continually review, update, and make clear any issues or discrepancies with metrics by improving their methodology for calculating estimated reach when creating ads, and by reallocating live streaming reaction counts on posts.


Turn Off and Like Comments

Soon, all users will be able to turn off comments on any individual post.

Additionally, users will have another option to interact with one another by way of a new feature to like comments. 


Microsoft Acquisition Closes

The title says it all.


Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube had quiet news weeks with no announcements worth reporting.

As always, if we’ve missed something, please feel free to bring it to our attention in the comments.

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