Facebook Timeline Content Targeting

As they frequently do, Facebook has relatively recently made some changes to their platform that have changed how you go about activating targeting options for Timeline posts.

Roughly one year ago, I had written a post to provide step-by-step instructions on how to adjust your Facebook Page privacy settings to give you access to this powerful feature set, but the instructions have since been rendered obsolete.

If you’d like an explanation as to why you might want to target your Facebook Timeline content, I recommend reading my previous post, and for now, I’ll just cut to the chase on how to gain access to these options.

STEP 1: In the Admin Panel, click on the ‘Edit Page’ drop-down menu


STEP 2: Click ‘Edit Settings’


STEP 3: Ensure you’re on the ‘Settings’ tab


STEP 4: Look for ‘Post Targeting and Privacy’ and click ‘Edit’


STEP 5: Click the ‘Turn on privacy and News Feed targeting so I can control the privacy of new Page posts’ check box


STEP 6: Click ‘Save Changes’


That’s all there is to it. Follow these few steps and you’ll be given Facebook’s targeting options for all of your future Timeline posts.


How do you use Facebook’s targeting options for your business’ Timeline content?

If you have any questions to do with social media or content marketing, how to use Facebook and/or other social media platforms, or anything related, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, or contact me directly.

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  2. […] UPDATE (4.10.14): Since the publication of this post, Facebook has updated how to activate targeting options through settings. For updated step-by-step instructions please reference this post. […]



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