In my last post, I detailed the different types of Facebook updates that are best for ‘pinning’ and how they can be effectively used to drive engagement or provide value to your social media community.

As promised, following are 30 creative thought-starters for pin-worthy Facebook updates:


  1. Promote a sale
  2. Limited-time menu items
  3. Seasonal clearance event
  4. Encourage entry to a consumer promotion
  5. Gain access to an event
  6. Daily specials
  7. Cultural tie-ins
  8. Promote a live-stream of an event
  9. Promote the opening of a new location
  10. Offer a coupon or social media exclusive special


  1. Polls
  2. Request for a response
  3. Promote high-quality video content
  4. Promote high-quality photographs
  5. Promote meaningful infographics
  6. Get input on future product development
  7. Get input on future inventory decisions
  8. Get input on future advertising and communications decisions
  9. Fan voting
  10. Ask a question


  1. Link to a portfolio
  2. List Frequently Asked Questions with responses
  3. Feature a call to action to use the page as a method for providing customer support
  4. Cross-promote your other social media properties
  5. Link to your website
  6. Link to your e-commerce store
  7. Provide directions to your brick and mortar location
  8. Feature a customer review or endorsement
  9. Link to your company blog
  10. Feature a welcome or introductory video

How do you use the pinning feature in Facebook? It’d be great to hear your thoughts in the comments.

If you’d like to contact me, please feel free to do so here:


Twitter: @RGBSocial


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