Following are 5 ideas for how to drive your social media community to your retail locations or brick and mortar business:


If you have new inventory, are hosting an event, have completed a renovation, or if anything else is new or noteworthy for your business, invite your social community to come out to your store or retail locations to check out the latest and greatest for themselves.


Everyone loves getting a great deal, and your social community is likely no different. Let them know that you’re having a 30% off sale, and you’re sure to see an influx of traffic to your store.


We all have a craving to have the latest insider information. Satiate this desire by giving your social community an inside scoop on a service package deal, an offering not otherwise advertised, or a coupon – all, of course, exclusive to your social community.


Foursquare offers fantastic, simple to implement features allowing you to offer rewards to your loyal customers for simply ‘checking-in’. You can give them a free coffee for every check-in, give them a free lunch on their 10th check-in, or give them a free personal training session for having checked-in more than anyone else in recent history (for becoming ‘Mayor’ of your location).


Defer to your community to make decisions that affect your products, services, operations, or any component of your business. By doing this, they’ll have a vested interest in experiencing the outcome of those decisions first-hand, which should result in increased sales, foot-traffic, or social sharing.

Have you experienced success driving members of your social community to your business or retail locations? If so, it would be great to hear about what you did in the comments for this post.

If you’d like to chat about anything to do with social media, advertising, marketing, or something not as immediately relevant, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to touch-base in the comments, by email at, on Twitter @RGBSocial, or on Facebook at

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